A Deep Dive into the World of Perma Blend Inks

Dec 14 , 2023

A Deep Dive into the World of Perma Blend Inks

Perma Blend Inks have become a cornerstone in the world of permanent makeup (PMU), renowned for their quality, consistency, and wide range of colors. This article takes an in-depth look at what makes Perma Blend Inks a preferred choice for PMU professionals.

What Makes Perma Blend Inks Stand Out in the PMU Industry?

Perma Blend Inks are known for their exceptional quality. They are meticulously formulated to provide vibrant, long-lasting colors that resist fading over time. This durability is crucial in PMU, where the longevity of the pigment is a key factor in customer satisfaction.

The Inspirational Founders of Perma Blend: Lou & Anne Marie Rubino

The story of Perma Blend's inception is as colorful and intricate as the world of permanent makeup (PMU) itself. It all began in 2013, at a pivotal moment in Anne Marie Rubino's life. Anne Marie, a dedicated mother of twins and a Special Education teacher with a passion for coaching families of autistic children, was navigating a new chapter in her life. After the end of her 20-year marriage, she found herself in search of a new direction. This search led her to an unexpected opportunity when her brother, Lou Rubino, invited her to a tattoo removal class.

Lou was no stranger to the world of body art. He was the creator of World Famous Tattoo Ink and had already established himself as a maestro in the industry. For Anne Marie, this wasn't her first encounter with the world of ink. Her father, Tattoo Lou, was a legendary New York tattoo artist, and she and her brother had spent their childhood in his studio, immersed in the vibrant and edgy world of tattoos.

After completing her tattoo removal class, Anne Marie, together with Lou, embarked on a new venture by opening a spa. It was here that Anne Marie discovered her passion for Permanent Makeup. Her relentless drive for perfection led her to immerse herself in numerous courses, honing her skills. However, she encountered a persistent challenge - the unpredictable behavior of the color in the inks she used. Initially attributing it to her technique, a discussion with Lou led to a pivotal realization: the problem lay with the ink itself.

Lou's response was simple yet profound: "It doesn’t have to be this way!" This marked the genesis of Perma Blend. Anne Marie and Lou set out to create the perfect pigment, leveraging Lou's extensive experience in tattoo ink development and manufacturing. Their collaboration was fueled by a shared commitment to quality and innovation, setting new standards in both the tattoo and PMU industries.

Perma Blend today stands as more than just a provider of high-quality inks; it symbolizes a community. It’s a hub where PMU educators, mentors, and artists of all experience levels converge to share knowledge, inspire each other, and grow together. The brand is a testament to the vision and dedication of Anne Marie and Lou Rubino, who transformed a personal journey into a professional legacy that empowers artists worldwide to bring their visions to life with unmatched precision and beauty.

How Does Perma Blend Ensure Consistency and Safety?

Perma Blend's commitment to consistency and safety is evident in its manufacturing process. Each batch of ink undergoes rigorous testing to ensure uniformity in color and texture. Additionally, the inks are sterilized and meet stringent safety standards, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritations.

What Is the Range of Colors Offered by Perma Blend?

One of the most significant advantages of Perma Blend Inks is their extensive color palette. This range includes natural hues for realistic eyebrow and lip tattoos, as well as vibrant colors for more artistic PMU applications. This diversity allows artists to achieve precise color matching and creative expression.

How Do Perma Blend Inks Adapt to Diverse Skin Tones?

Perma Blend Inks are formulated to work beautifully across a wide spectrum of skin tones. Their pigments are designed to blend seamlessly with the client's natural complexion, ensuring a natural and flattering result for every skin type.

What Is the Role of Perma Blend Inks in Innovative PMU Techniques?

Perma Blend Inks are at the forefront of innovation in the PMU industry. They are compatible with various techniques, from microblading to machine work, making them versatile for different styles and applications. Their adaptability encourages PMU artists to explore new techniques and push the boundaries of their artistry.

Conclusion: Why Choose Perma Blend for Your PMU Needs?

In conclusion, Perma Blend Inks represent the pinnacle of quality and versatility in the PMU industry. Their commitment to safety, consistency, and a broad color spectrum makes them an ideal choice for professionals looking to deliver outstanding results. As the industry continues to evolve, Perma Blend Inks stand as a reliable partner for PMU artists, helping them achieve excellence in every application.


By Paul Park

The Nuva Team, Beauty That Lasts