Permanent Makeup (PMU) for Men: Breaking Down the Stigma

Jan 30 , 2024

Permanent Makeup (PMU) for Men: Breaking Down the Stigma

Cosmetic beauty solutions have come a long way over the years, and permanent makeup (PMU) is one such solution that has gained immense popularity. PMU is no longer limited to the female audience, as it is increasingly being recognized as a versatile cosmetic solution that can benefit anyone regardless of their gender. In fact, the industry is witnessing a growing trend where men are also opting for various PMU procedures.

Over the years, we have seen renowned actors, models, and public figures employing makeup to enhance their appearance both on-camera and in public. While this practice has been well-known within certain circles, it has generally stayed below the mainstream radar. However, the trend of Permanent Makeup (PMU) is now gaining popularity among normal men who are looking for a natural-looking solution to their aesthetic concerns. 

PMU for men has various options for enhancement, ranging from both traditional, typical treatments that align with classic male grooming standards and innovative, less conventional options that cater to a more modern and diverse male aesthetic.

What are the most popular PMU procedures for Men?


1. Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)


Baldness and hair thinning are common issues that men face, which can be a source of frustration and self-consciousness. Fortunately, there are procedures available to address these concerns, one of which is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). This technique involves depositing pigments on the scalp, which simulates the appearance of hair follicles, creating the illusion of fuller hair or a defined hairline.

Source: ScalpSociety

SMP is particularly good for hiding scars from hair transplantation or injuries, and the results can last for years (although periodic touch-ups may be required). This technique is highly customizable and can be tailored to suit different skin tones, types, and hair colors, making it a versatile solution.

For men with significant hair loss, SMP can be particularly effective in creating a "buzz-cut" appearance. The procedure requires multiple sessions, but the results are worth it. SMP is a safe and effective way to achieve the look of a fuller head of hair without the need for expensive hair transplant surgeries or medications with potential side effects.


2. Hairline Treatments


Similar to scalp micropigmentation, this procedure focuses on restoring the appearance of the hairline, which is particularly beneficial for those with receding hairlines. They are tailored for various types of hair loss and hair thinning, including male pattern baldness.

A receding hairline is often associated with aging and can affect a man's self-esteem and the way others perceive them. Proper hairline treatments can help create a more symmetrical and youthful look for an aesthetically pleasing appearance, boosting confidence and self-image.

For men with Afro or ethnic hair types, it is especially important to seek out specialized attention when it comes to hairline treatments. These hair types have unique patterns and textures that require a skilled hand to recreate a natural-looking hairline. With the right care and attention, the result can be an incredibly realistic and attractive hairline that complements the individual's features.

Overall, hairline pigmentation is an excellent option for anyone looking to restore their hairline and regain confidence in their appearance whether you have naturally curly hair or have suffered from hair loss due to genetics or other factors.

3. Beard Enhancement


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For many men, having a thick and full beard is a sign of masculinity and is highly sought after. Beard enhancement is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that helps to fill in the patchy areas of the beard, creating a fuller and more uniform look.

Men who have undergone this treatment report feeling more confident, attractive, and masculine. Additionally, for men who have a softer or less structured jawline, a full beard can create the illusion of a more pronounced and structured jawline. This is because the beard helps to create a contrast between the lower face and the neck, which makes the jawline appear more defined and toned.

Moreover, beard enhancement is also beneficial for men who have experienced hair loss due to medical conditions or treatments. It's an excellent way to restore the beard's fullness and uniformity. Beard pigmentation can also help to create the illusion of a more symmetrical face. By filling in the patchy areas of the beard, the face appears more balanced and proportionate.

4. Brow enhancement with Microblading

Brow enhancements have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly among men who are looking to enhance their facial aesthetics. Microblading is a popular technique used to create hair-like strokes that fill in gaps and define the brows, resulting in a fuller and more defined look.

Researchers claim “Thick eyebrows on men, in particular, have been associated with vitality and good health. From an evolutionary perspective, robust physical traits are often subconsciously taken as indicators of a strong genetic makeup and overall well-being.”  [learn more]

Well-defined eyebrows are essential in framing the face and can contribute to a more masculine appearance. In fact, many people believe that full and dark eyebrows can have a significant impact on one's overall appearance. The recent trend of 'hunter eyes' focuses on the importance of well-defined eyebrows in men's facial aesthetics. This trend highlights the impact of eyebrows on enhancing certain desirable facial features, such as a more intense and focused gaze.

Overall, brow enhancement techniques are a great way to improve one's appearance and bring out the best in their facial features. Whether you're looking to achieve a more masculine look or simply want to enhance your natural beauty, microblading and other brow enhancement techniques are an excellent option to consider.

5. Non-Conventional Enhancements: Lip Blush and Eyeliner


It's no secret that cosmetic treatments are becoming increasingly popular among both men and women. However, non-conventional enhancements such as lip blush and eyeliner are now gaining popularity among men, particularly those in public-facing professions.

Lip blush for men aims to enhance the natural color of the lips by providing a subtle correction for asymmetries or hyperpigmentation. The procedure involves a skilled application of pigments that blend with the natural color of the lips, resulting in a more youthful and defined appearance.

Eyeliner, or 'guyliner,' as it's sometimes called, is another cosmetic treatment that's gaining popularity among men. This procedure requires a skilled hand to apply eyeliner in a way that enhances the eyes without creating an overt makeup look. The result is a subtle yet bold look that can be customized to suit the individual's preferences.

Previous research has also found that lower facial contrast (i.e., less contrast between the features and the surrounding skin) makes faces appear more masculine. Additionally, bone structure in men (e.g., facial width-to-height ratio) affects perceptions of attractiveness. Therefore, it appears that subtle makeup increases attractiveness in male faces by (1) making skin appear more even, (2) increasing perceived masculinity by decreasing facial contrast (e.g., making the lips less red), and (3) influencing bone structure perceptions (e.g., chiseled jawline).” [learn more]

The increasing acceptance of traditionally feminine cosmetic procedures by men reflects changing beauty norms. It's a clear indication that men are embracing their right to look and feel their best without feeling ashamed or judged. With these non-conventional enhancements, men can achieve a more polished and refined look while still maintaining their masculine identity.

6. Medical Applications: Areola, Scar, Vitiligo Treatment



One of the most common uses of medical tattooing is for areola repigmentation after chest surgeries, such as mastectomies, which are uncommon in men but still prevail in some degrees. The procedure involves creating a three-dimensional illusion of the nipple and areola using a tattoo needle and pigments. This technique is not only an effective way to restore the physical appearance of the breast but can also have a profound impact on a person's psychological well-being by helping them regain a sense of normalcy.

Another application of medical tattooing is for scar camouflage. Scars can often be a source of anxiety and self-consciousness for individuals, but with the help of medical tattooing, scars can be made to blend in with the surrounding skin, making them less noticeable. This technique involves using skin-colored pigments to match the tone of the person's skin and tattooing over the scar tissue to create a natural-looking result.

This technique can be particularly beneficial for veterans or anyone who has endured physical trauma. Scars from shrapnel, burns, or surgical repairs related to injuries sustained in combat can be especially pronounced and challenging to conceal. By camouflaging these scars, it not only improves their aesthetic appearance but can also have a significant therapeutic impact on their self-esteem and overall psychological well-being.

Lastly, medical tattooing is also used for the treatment of vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin condition that causes the loss of skin pigmentation, resulting in white patches on the skin. Medical tattooing can be an effective way to camouflage these patches by color-matching the pigments to the surrounding skin and tattooing them onto the affected areas. This can help create a more uniform appearance of the skin, significantly improving a person's quality of life.

In an article about medical tattooing by tbnewswatch, Alodie Mergulhao claimed that “[Many of her clients] psychologically, were at a point where they were not able to face the world,” she said. “They have a recurring traumatic memory that reminds them of something they don't like about themselves and camouflaging the scar helps them heal from the trauma that is attached to the scar and helps bring their life to normalcy.[learn more]

Overall, medical tattooing is a safe and effective way to help individuals who have undergone chest surgeries, have scars, or suffer from vitiligo to regain their confidence and feel good about themselves again.

Masculine Aesthetics: The Surge of PMU in Men's Beauty


There has been a noticeable increase in the interest in PMU (permanent makeup) among men in recent years, which is indicative of a cultural movement towards de-stigmatizing male grooming and cosmetic enhancements. This shift reflects a change in traditional gender norms, where self-care and aesthetic improvement are increasingly seen as universal concerns that are not limited to women alone.

The beauty and fashion industries, along with media representations, are adapting to this change by normalizing cosmetic enhancements in men and influencing popular culture. As a result, more men are feeling comfortable to explore options that enhance their physical appearance, such as PMU.

This trend not only represents a cultural shift but also has significant societal implications. It challenges the traditional notions of masculinity, where self-care and grooming were seen as feminine characteristics. Men are now embracing their own unique styles and preferences without worrying about conforming to societal expectations.

Furthermore, this normalization of cosmetic enhancements in men has created a new market segment for the industry. Cosmetic companies and beauty salons are now catering to the growing demand by offering a range of products and services targeted at men, which is expanding the industry's reach and revenue.


FAQs :

Q: Can men get Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?
A: Yes, men can get Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). It's a popular procedure for creating the illusion of fuller hair or a defined hairline, especially useful for baldness and thinning hair.

Q: Is PMU for men noticeable?
A: PMU for men is designed to look natural. The techniques and pigments used aim to subtly enhance features without giving an impression of wearing makeup.

Q: How long does PMU last for men?
A: The longevity of PMU varies, but it generally lasts several years. Touch-ups might be needed to maintain the appearance.

Q: Is beard enhancement with PMU safe?
A: Yes, beard enhancement with PMU is generally safe when performed by a qualified professional. It involves adding pigment to the beard area to create a fuller look.

Q: Can PMU help with male hairline issues?
A: Yes, PMU techniques like hairline treatments are effective for men with receding hairlines or male pattern baldness, creating a more youthful and symmetrical appearance.

Q: Are PMU procedures painful?
A: The pain level can vary depending on the procedure and the individual's pain tolerance. Many people experience mild discomfort, but numbing agents are often used to minimize pain.

Q: How long does Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) take to heal?
A: Healing time for SMP varies, but it usually takes about a week for the initial healing, with complete settling of the pigment occurring over a few weeks.

Q: Can PMU procedures be reversed or corrected?
A: Some PMU procedures can be corrected or faded over time with laser treatments, but it's best to consider PMU as a long-term commitment.

Q: Do men get eyebrow microblading?
A: Yes, men get eyebrow microblading to enhance or reshape their eyebrows, often for a fuller and more defined look.