Seasonal Trends in Permanent Makeup

Dec 20 , 2023

Seasonal Trends in Permanent Makeup

As the seasons change, so do the trends, and the beauty industry never fails to surprise us with new colors, textures, and styles. Whether you're a fashionista or a makeup enthusiast, you know that there's always something exciting to discover, something new to try, and something inspiring to admire.

Each season brings its unique charm and flavor, from the blooming flowers of spring to the sunny days of summer, the cozy vibes of autumn, and the crisp elegance of winter.

Which playful freckles across your nose would you choose for your sun-kissed glow for summer? Or a warm red lip for the autumn? Maybe some rosy cheeks for a natural flush to your face this frosty winter, How about a BB glow for a smooth breezy spring?

There are numerous options for PMU that are ideal for every season and skin tone. To select the ideal one for you, let's examine the seasonal trends in permanent makeup in-depth in this article.


Spring: Soft Hues and Fresh Beginnings

As spring begins to bloom, the goal is to look fresh and young as were going along with the natures renewal around us replicating the season. The colors are pastel, soft, breezy, and light. Softly feathered eyebrows, give a natural and easygoing look, Matching this, go for soft pinks, corals, and floral-inspired lipstick shades, adding warmth that fits the spring feel. To enhance your radiant spring glow, you might also explore the popular BB Glow technique. This innovative approach helps create a fresh and dewy complexion, perfect for reflecting the natural aura of the season.


Summer: Vibrant and Playful Expressions

When summer arrives with its warmth and sun-drenched days, worries about makeup melting away on the beach, at the gym, or anywhere under the sun can be set aside with the help of PMU. The demand for waterproof and long-lasting formulations skyrockets this season. So what is Summer for PMU? Bold eyeliners, bright eyeshadows, vibrant lip pigments, warm blushed cheeks, freckle tattoos for the sunkissed look, and feathered/bold brows are the norm. This shift from light colors to vibrancy aligns perfectly with the season's energetic spirit, encouraging individuals to explore brighter and bolder choices, often opting for statement looks that exude confidence.


Moreover, With scar camouflage PMU, individuals can confidently go to the beaches and wear summer clothing, knowing that their scars are discreetly concealed. This allows everyone to enjoy the sun and vibrant energy of the season without hesitation. 


Autumn: Warm Tones and Rich Textures

As the leaves change color, so too does the palette of autumn-inspired permanent makeup. Warm, earthy tones take center stage, rich browns, deep reds, and oranges dominating the scene. Ombre eyebrows from ombre microblading are often defined with richer pigments, creating a light start which deepens as we reach the tail of the brow framing the eyes perfectly. Lip colors tend to gravitate towards deep berries and rustic reds, capturing the essence of the season's cozy and sophisticated vibe. So you can go apple picking in the newly crisp wind and sip your pumpkin-spiced latte with no worries of your red lips fading away.


Winter: Cool Elegance and Subdued Glamour


Winter brings an air of cool elegance to permanent makeup trends. Particularly for eyebrows, soft and muted tones have become a popular choice with the help of powdered brow microblading. Lips may embrace cool undertones, such as mauves and deep plums, adding a touch of subdued glamour. As the holiday season approaches, the dry and cold air can lead to skin dehydration, making it difficult for traditional makeup to last smooth and even. Additionally, the contrast between indoor heating and outdoor cold temperatures can cause makeup to crack or wear off prematurely. Taking good care of your skin after getting permanent makeup is extra important because the cold weather makes the skin dry and sensitive. It's crucial to regularly use moisturizer and be gentle with your skin to keep your PMU looking great, ensuring your winter beauty routine stays easy and enjoyable.


Adapting to Personal Style

While seasonal trends can certainly provide some inspiration, it's important to keep in mind that everyone has their unique features, preferences, and lifestyle, and therefore may choose to deviate from or embrace seasonal trends in different ways.

A skilled permanent makeup artist understands these individual nuances and tailors their craft accordingly. They take the time to consult with their clients, listen to their needs and preferences, and then work with them to create a look that enhances their natural features and complements their style. 
For example, while a bold and dramatic look may be popular during the winter months, some individuals may prefer a more natural and understated look. On the other hand, during the summer months, brighter and more vibrant colors may be on-trend, but a client may choose to opt for a more subtle and classic look that suits their taste.

Ultimately, the goal of permanent makeup is to provide a solution that enhances one's natural beauty and simplifies their daily routine. Skilled permanent makeup artists understand that this is a deeply personal choice and work with their clients to achieve their desired outcome while taking into consideration the seasonal trends that may influence their choices.