The Areola Collection includes all the colors you will need to match up with any areola application. Colors can easily be mixed, allowing you to find any unique areola shade.
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Nuva Colors

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Ideal for professionals in medical tattooing, cosmetic surgery, and areola restoration or enhancement, the NUVA Colors Areola Collection's customizable shades allow for the creation of any unique areola color, offering flawless skin tone matching for a natural and authentic look.

What's in this collection?

  • Espresso: A deep, rich tone for darker areolas.
  • Coral: A vibrant shade, perfect for adding a touch of warmth.
  • Tawny: A versatile, medium hue suitable for a wide range of areola colors.
  • Camo: Ideal for specialized camouflage and color blending.
  • Ivory: A light shade for fairer areolas.
  • Creme: A neutral, mid-tone for balanced areola coloring.
  • White: Perfect for lightening other shades to achieve the desired hue.
  • Shadow: Excellent for adding depth and dimension.


Each color is highly pigmented, ensuring lasting and realistic results.

Committed to ethical standards, our products are vegan, never tested on animals, and devoid of harmful substances.

Our Areola collection is the perfect combination of beauty and safety, making it the ideal choice for artists who demand the very best, empowering individuals through confidence-restoring procedures.

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