Capture beauty with this comprehensive eyebrow set and give you customers stunning eyes! Featuring a range of browns and blacks, this set will provide you with a solution for any skin type and desired effect.
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Nuva Colors

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When it comes to crafting precise lines and dramatic looks, the Nuva Eyeliner set is the ultimate choice for creating eye-catching and dynamic looks.

What's in this collection?

  • Triple Black: For a classic, bold look.
  • Black N Purple, Blue, Green, and Brown: Black with a twist of vibrant colors.
  • Brown N Black: A subtle blend of brown and black.
  • War Brown: A deep, statement brown.
  • Golden Brown: brown with a golden shimmer.


Suitable for all skin tones, the smooth application allows you to create any eyeliner design.

Committed to ethical standards, our products are vegan, never tested on animals, and devoid of harmful substances.

Our eyeliner collection is the perfect combination of beauty and safety, making it the ideal choice for artists who demand the very best.

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