Our Lip Collection includes all the reds and pinks you need to match up with any lip application. Capture your customers’ natural beauty with this ink set and watch your referrals take off!
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Nuva Colors

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The NUVA Colors Lip Collection offers a versatile range of shades for any occasion, from everyday wear to dramatic evening looks. Ideal for both makeup professionals and enthusiasts, it provides a perfect palette for every desired style.

What you'll find in this collection:

  • Vampy: Ideal for a bold, impactful presence.
  • Maroon: Perfect for adding a touch of sophisticated depth.
  • Lipstick Red: A classic choice for a standout, vibrant look.
  • Sundried Tomato: Uniquely suited for an unconventional, earthy statement.
  • Wild Pink: Best for injecting a fun, lively burst of color.
  • Crushed Berries: A romantic choice for a deeper, berry-infused hue.
  • Rose Pink: Soft and subtle, with a hint of floral elegance.
  • Light Peony: Excellent for a gentle, understated effect.


Each shade in the NUVA Colors Lip Collection is formulated to last a long time and is easy to blend for anyone seeking to create a range of lip looks.

Ethically made, the collection is vegan, has never been tested on animals, and is free from harmful substances for safety and quality in every application.

Choosing the NUVA Colors Lip Collection provides you with exceptional quality while adhering to dedicated beauty and ethical standards.

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