Created specifically to cater to busy artists, our SMP collection has everything you need to keep your studio stocked with colors that are essential for various scalp micropigmentation applications.
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Nuva Colors

SMP Pigments

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Designed for enhancing natural hairlines, camouflaging thinning areas, or concealing scars and birthmarks, this Nuva SMP Collection encompasses an extensive range of essential colors.

What's in this collection?

  • Red Head: A vibrant and rich hue, perfect for adding warmth and depth.
  • Medium Brown: A versatile shade, ideal for a range of mid-tone hair colors.
  • Light Brown: Subtle yet striking, this shade is excellent for lighter hair tones.
  • Dark Blonde: A deep, nuanced color that offers a natural blonde appearance.
  • Light Blonde: For those requiring a softer, more delicate blonde tone.
  • Black: A classic and bold choice, providing sharp contrast and definition.
  • Grey: A sophisticated option for creating natural aging effects or blending.
  • Dark Brown: A deep, rich tone for creating impactful and lasting impressions.


Each shade in the NUVA Colors SMP Collection is formulated to last a long time and is easy to blend.

Committed to ethical standards, our products are vegan, never tested on animals, and devoid of harmful substances.

Our SMP collection is a combination of beauty and safety, making it the ideal choice for artists who demand the very best.

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