Scars don’t have to be permanent! This set includes all the colors you need to mix and match for the concealment of any type of scar.
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Nuva Colors

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This NUVA Colors Scar Concealment Collection serves as essential for specialists in scar tattooing and skin tone correction, as it is designed for clarity and flawless skin match.

What you'll find in this collection:

  • Cool Light: A subtle, light shade with cool undertones, perfect for fair skin.
  • Cool Medium: A balanced medium tone for cooler skin types, ideal for seamlessly blending into naturally occurring skin tones.
  • Cool Dark: A deeper shade designed for cooler complexions with darker tones.
  • Warm Light: A soft, light shade infused with warm undertones, ideal for adding a hint of warmth to fair skin.
  • Warm Medium: A versatile medium hue for warmer skin types, offering a flawless match for a natural look.
  • Warm Dark: A rich, dark shade with warm undertones, crafted for deeper skin tones 
  • White: An essential mixer or standalone shade for achieving an accurate skin tone match or lightening other shades.
  • Camo: A blend for creative and specialized concealment, allowing for innovative scar camouflage techniques.


Each shade in the NUVA Colors Scar Collection is formulated to last a long time and is easy to blend.

Committed to ethical standards, our products are vegan, never tested on animals, and devoid of harmful substances.

The Collection is the top choice for professionals who value excellence in scar tattooing.

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